You Want To Have More Insta Followers

Glad you clicked on this to read this one because I am going to get real with you guys. It has been a while since I have made time to post a blog but here I am today touching on something that I get asked constantly "how do I get as many followers as you do"? It is a real valid question that I remember asking a few people when I first started my instagram, so here is my take on how.

I want to explain this in a way that is honest, straightforward and is going to lead you to the most success if this is really what you want. You have got to stop thinking that to in order for your account to be successful that you need xx,xxxx amount of followers, which you do not because all you need is a good account with people who want to follow your journey. If you just post things to impress people on instagram in hoping to get more followers, it is not going to work because people can tell even when it is through social media that you are not all about what you preach. The more honest and real you are with yourself when you are posting the more people that will follow you. .

Growing your account comes down to one easy and simple thing, BE YOUR MOST HONEST AND TRUE-SELF and people will want to be apart of your journey.

Stop asking people to shout you out or follow me and I'll follow you back because all that is showing is you are in it for the followers, not the support. The most successful accounts you see on Instagram are ran by people who are out there speaking the truths on their struggles and successes, they are motivating people, they are inspiring people and they are ultimately just being themselves. Accounts do not grow overnight because gaining people who want to hear what you have to say takes credibility. Think of it like building a business, you need to build credibility with each customer and as each customer is satisfied you will watch your business grow. Same thing on Instagram, all good things take time.

A few other easy tips:

  • Post high quality photographs

  • Be consistent with posting

  • Interact with other accounts

  • Post on your story

  • Write thoughtful captions


I hope this helps y'all in seeing that if you want to express yourself and feel like you can be yourself on Instagram, then people will follow you! People do not want the highlight reel anymore they want to see the ups and downs that we all go through. That is how we connect with each other, is feeling one anothers struggle because I can guarantee someone else out there is going through the same thing you are!

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