Do The Same Thing

In this day and age we are taught to try everything constantly, to see what we enjoy and to experience everything that we can. Really you are not living to your full potential unless you are trying something new all the time. I think with social media we see all of these people who are out traveling to new places, picking up a new workout routine, making their own jobs, trying new hobbies but what we don't see as much are people who are sticking with the same thing.

Here is the thing with trying something you really like and sticking with it, you can become dang good at it! I recently had a meeting with someone and I told him about my past work history and how I grew up in this industry and loved it but I felt like I needed to try a new career path and I left. Now here I am a year later wanting to go back. What he said to me was "sometimes familiarity is good" and that stuck with me because the way he explained it was that I was blessed to grow up the way I did and get the opportunities to work in this industry and wanting to go back is not a bad thing. The reason why is because I am ten steps ahead of someone who has never been in my shoes and I can go farther faster. I really enjoy the industry so why would I waste my time and not want to go back?

Though this was all about making a career change back to what I was doing before, it stays true for a-lot more things in life. If you truly enjoy something than stick with it, the people who stick with something are the most successful. They didn't keep moving onto what they thought was the next greatest thing all the time but rather put there heart and sole into this one thing. We constantly feel the pressure to fit in with what we see online and forget to stop and think for ourselves what matters most to us? Not what the person who I follow enjoys or your friend from high school who is traveling all over the world. We are constantly envious of those around us that we forget there are people envious of us wishing they could be as accomplished with this one thing as we are.

All in all do not be afraid to go with something that you are familiar with because that can take you a whole lot further than starting something new over and over again. Do not discount what you know already and how much more you can learn to become the expert. It is okay to keep grinding for the same thing that you have already invested so much time in. Do not fight it if you really enjoy it because it can take you places you never imagined.

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