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Do The Same Thing

In this day and age we are taught to try everything constantly, to see what we enjoy and to experience everything that we can. Really you are not living to your full potential unless you are trying something new all the time. I think with social media we see all of these people who are out traveling to new places, picking up a new workout routine, making their own jobs, trying new hobbies but what we don't see as much are people who are sticking with the same thing. Here is the thing with trying something you really like and sticking with it, you can become dang good at it! I recently had a meeting with someone and I told...

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You Want To Have More Insta Followers

Glad you clicked on this to read this one because I am going to get real with you guys. It has been a while since I have made time to post a blog but here I am today touching on something that I get asked constantly "how do I get as many followers as you do"? It is a real valid question that I remember asking a few people when I first started my instagram, so here is my take on how. I want to explain this in a way that is honest, straightforward and is going to lead you to the most success if this is really what you want. You have got to stop thinking that to in...

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5 Mistakes I've Made Training My Horse

I am sure we have all been there where we feel like we have failed or done something wrong at some point in our training and well I am pretty sure that every trainer has made mistakes and continues to make them along the way. If you want to become successful then you have to make mistakes, failing is all apart of the journey. Training a horse is like going through the motions of your own life, we think we are making the best decision and find out later, maybe it wasn't the best. But the good part about this is when you make a mistake, you'll probably never make it again. Make mistakes and get better, every mistake you...

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