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 This preset pack includes 11 presets ( 11 downloads) that are perfect NFR themed and each unique! These will only be offered in a pack for limited time and afterwards will be sold as singles.


Have from now until December 3rd to purchase the pack before they are sold individually!  

  • Bex
  • Buckin Cowgirl
  • Buckle Bunny 
  • Coors Can
  • Fringe N Boots
  • Running From Roughies
  • Self Tanner
  • Silver N Spurs
  • Snapshot Moment
  • Turquoise N Tequila 
  • Vodka Soda


INSTRUCTIONS: **Download Adobe Lightroom CC and Dropbox(ONLY need dropbox if you cant access downloads on your phone) 

 1) Click on view your order in the email link 

2) Click "Download now" 

3) In right upper hand corner you will see an arrow pointing down where the downloads are, click on the arrow and click on download(Zip File) 

4) Open the Zip either in Dropbox or in the downloads on your phone 

2) Save each DNG file onto your camera roll. 

3) Once the DNG file is saved, go open your Lightroom app and click on the photo that has DNG and my horse on it 

4) Click on the image, then click on the 3 dots on the top right corner, click on "create preset" and then name your preset in the "preset name". Make sure to click on the boxes and then click save 

5) To find the preset, scroll to the right on the icons on the bottom and click the preset button and then click on "user presets" 




DISCLAIMER: All preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned, no refunds are available. Any unauthorized distribution of the pack is prohibited and will be met with legal action. Email for customer service questions